Talk Story & Virtual Kanikapila with

June Millington

April 8, 4:30-6PM HST (10:30 PM to Midnight EST, 7:30--9PM PST)
After a brief introduction, June will talk story and play for 50-60 minutes. There will be a moderated chat if you have questions either about her life or playing. Feel free to send comments and questions during June's time, and we will leave time at the end of the event for addressing them.

Our event will be on Zoom, and you will need to sign up in advance. If you would like to bring an instrument and play along, let us know. June would also like to know at what level you play (beginner, intermediate, advamced). Unfortunately, Zoom is not capable of real-time musical collaboration. Instead, you can make a digital recording of your playing along on your laptop. We’ll see if we can put together a virtual kanikapila after the fact and share it here! The instructions for that are here, and we hope you will join with your voice or an instrument!

About June

June Millington: Trailblazing Filipina American guitarist who with her sister Jean created the first all-woman hard rock band, Fanny, in 1969. They did not get the recognition they deserved in their time. Record company executives and music critics thought that an all-woman rock band could only be a fad. Belying this depiction, David Bowie has called them one of the best bands he ever heard. June has continued making music, collaborating with Jean on their album Play Like a Girl. In addition, She and her partner Ann Hackler founded and run the Institute for Musical Arts in Goshen, Massachusetts, which includes a summer camp for girls and young women where she teaches how to "play like a girl," namely by learning collaboration and creativity through making music with fearless joy .

Along with her career in music, Millington has written about her experience as an immigrant woman of color negotiating a career making music on her own terms in her autobiography, Land of a Thousand Bridges: Island Girl in a Rock & Roll World (2016). Her creative experience melds into the visual too, where she has worked on both sides of the documentary lens. Her archivist's spirit is rooted in capturing the transformative work that she and other women artists and musicians have been doing so that it does not get overlooked or marginalized.

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