Ethnic Studies Anniversary : Celebrating 50 Years of Our History Our Way

Our History, Our Way

Where We come From: Our History, Our Way! tells our history through about 2010, and we bring you up to date with A Brown (White) Paper On the 50th Anniversary of the UHM Department of Ethnic Studies, A Kāhea to the University of Hawai‘i to Sustain the Hawaiʻi Student, Community & Legislative Mandate for a Distinct and Integral Department of Ethnic Studies.  
Find out about the inspiring history of Ethnic Studies at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, We were born in struggle and forged in a community activism and academic excellence. Ethnic Studies has brought international acclaim to our pioneering vision of Oceania as a lifeworld sustained by struggles as well as scholarship.  

Who We Are and What We Do: Community Testimony and Position Papers, faculty work, 
Davi rapid response, R&M Hotel workers, shaarli
North Shore Field School
We have set out our positions on the events of this past year, ranging from the Black Lives Matter movement to immigration, to a community-mandated look at our post-pandemic future as a vital component of UH playing on our core commitments to Hawaiʻi nei, Aloha ʻĀina, and extending through our sea of islands to embrace the world from a unique set of perspectives.

Student paper, colloq. papers, 

What's Happening: Take a tour of events we are holding to celebrate our fiftieth anniversary. 
Micah Will send COH  COH 50th anniverary events, Oceanic
Oceanic Connections: On AQ lounge page
Talk Story with Keith
Island Connections
Pau Hana: Connect to Youtube channel
Check ES Youtube.

June Millingto, BLM, ...taking on issues as they happen

Dedicated to the Memory of Dean Alegado. There at its inception, we can learn much about UHM ES through Dean's life. 

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